Bar Counter Jimo MAGNI

Bar Counter Magni. The combination of colors, rectangular shapes and nice materials make thiscounter one of the nicest ever created by Jimo. Simply magnificent!!!Bar Counter Magni


- Levelling Feet

- Internal and External 45º and 90º Corners.

- Ambience or Refrigerated Counters and Showcases

- Till end Counters (Cash Counters)

- Static Refrigeration

- Automatic Evaporation of the Defrosting Water

- Modular Coupling (Various Pieces Together Like Were Just One Only)

- Stainless steel AISI 304 18/8 Structure

- Stainless Steel Tops

- Left or Right Compressor Group

- Straight Glass


- Beer Pump Facility

- Italian Doors

- Ventilated Cold

- Bread Drawers

- Coffee Knock Out Drawer

- Internal or Remote Refrigeration

- Rounded Glass

- Granit Tops

- Independent Modules

- Round Glasses

- Remote Group

- Personalized Measures*


*only in some modules


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Granit Top Plinthe Decoration





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