Euronorm Pastry Cabinet Congelation

Euronorm Pastry Cabinet For Congelation and Prepared For 2 X trays Per Level or 1 X 600x800mm Tray. Optionally is posible to choose oven trays 450x850mm and/or 450x750mm trays. . 1070mm deep. Ventilated cold.

euronorm pastry cabinet congelation for 2 trays per level  euronorm pastry cabinet congelation for 2 trays per level, two doors  

PVC 20T + 20T

1 Door

PVC 40T + 40T

2 Doors

Download PDF  download pdf, euronorm pastry cabinet congelation for 2 trays per level

gongelation aço inoxidavel aisi 304 18/8 compressor danfoss sem cfc rapida recupeação da temperatura gaz refrigerante r404a


+ Cold 

Quick Temperature Recovery Even on Intensive Use

+ Robustness 

AISI 304 18/8 Ensures Longer Life to The Cold Cabinet

+ Options

Possibility of placing two different trays or 2 trays per floor

+ Insulation

The insulation By Injecetd 60mm thikness PU Keeps the Cold Inside the Refrigerator

+ Environment

The PU Used in Injection and R404A Coolant Help to Protect the Environment


- Pastry and Bakery Cabinet

- Internal and External Stainless Steel AISI 304 18/8*

- Rounded Corners for Easy Cleaning

- Hinge Door With Automatic Return from 90º

- Door Frames and Sewer Pipe With Electrical Resistance

- Prepared For 2 x Euronorm Trays or 1 x 600x800mm Bakery Trays Per Floor

- Automatic Defrost Cycle

- Insulation with High Density 60mm Injected PU

- 25mm Guides

- Ventilated Cold


* Except out back, out bottom and out roof


- Prepared For 450x750mm Bakery Trays ao/and 450x850mm Oven Trays

- Glass Door

- 1/2 Stainless or Glass Door

- Castors

- Water Evaporation by Electrical Resistance

- LED Light


We Are Leaders

We Are Leaders

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