Hygiene is the fundamental condition for food security. To facilitate the cleaning of our cold equipment we take special care to several details:



Jimo Refrigeration Equipment Hygiene

- Rounded Corners For Easy Cleaning; 

- Preparation Working Tops Could Have Back Up Stand; 

- Easily removable interior accessories, namely, guides and rails; 

- Legs With Adjustable Height for Better Floor Cleaning; 

- Quick Access to Condenser Via Decoration or Control Panel for Maintenance and cleanness


Can be applied to every and each catering equipment a drainage system.This will facilitate the evacuation of fluids used for cleaning and the thawing waters of some products. The drainage system can also be connected to the sewerage network.


Facilitate your work is our duty.


Internorga 2017

Internorga 2017

              JIMO S.A. was at Internorga from 17th to 21st of...











































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Best cold, best quality

Best Cold Best Quality

Best Cold Best Quality

We know that on foodservice industry the are...

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